First blog post

Huh. Here we are again, another country, another steep learning curve ahead of me. But if you’ve read my other blog you know by now that this kind of thing is my jam, and I’ll be honest: I’m excited. I’m feeling nervous too, of course, and a little gassy, but I think that’s mostly because my new host family and I are still negotiating the terms of mealtime. I’m not too worried, they’re lovely.

Normally I’d blog about life and teaching and stuff at my normal spot: This is my Blog Place Thing. And I may still write about film and television and random stuff over there, simply because the archive has gotten pretty substantial and I wouldn’t even begin to know how to move those posts to WordPress. But for my time in Kosova, serving for the Peace Corps, I’ve decided to switch things up a bit and try something new. Thus… Word Press. Also, I may not be writing all that much. Some posts may have a lot to say and some may simply be a photo. My goal, however, for the duration of my time here, is to post a photo a day. As long as I have internet, I’ll try to keep it up.

Up first: first day’s wanderings in the city of Gjilan led us to a soccer field and some intriguing scenery.

Continue on to look at some stuff at which I have also looked.


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