Shqiptarë Pride

Today my language group (Leila, Lydia, Todd, and I: a cooler group there never was) traveled to the village of Dobreçan to attempt some community mapping. We spoke to the waiter at a cafe, some shop keepers, and a local police-man who showed us in the mosque and invited us back to his house for coffee! His wife is from Bosnia but speaks Albanian and drives one of the local ambulances. He knew so much about the local history; it was truly a pleasure to spend an hour talking to him about the town and the culture/history of Kosovo in general.

Bonus picture, seen on a run a few mornings ago in Topanicë:



2 thoughts on “Shqiptarë Pride

  1. So he must have spoken pretty good English! What a great find! How about the other people you talked to? Do the townspeople in general speak English?


    1. His English was very good because he’d been in the army during the war and worked abroad beforehand. But also our Albanian teacher was with us, so he helped translate some things during the conversation and with the other people in town!


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