Rexhep Mala Shkolla

This, Rexhep Mala school, is the small, two-story school where we are receiving a fine tutelage in Shqip from our esteemed LCF (Language and Culture Facilitator), Florim. He’s a good teacher despite being somewhat easily distracted, especially about the topics of hip-hop, Alaska, and explanations of grammar I keep bullying him into giving us. The kids are still studying here and we’ve chatted with them a bit on our breaks. They’re very friendly and even invited us to play volleyball with them today. Unfortunately, we weren’t finished studying.

Bonus photo of Leila’s past tense/infinitive Shqip cheat sheet, which we were kind of bummed to find out was a jumbled mix of standard Albanian and the Kosovo dialect. Learning a new language is tough. Learning a language and its somewhat insular dialect at the same time requires many, many macchiatos and quite a few charts such as these.



One thought on “Rexhep Mala Shkolla

  1. Yikes! You are very brave people!
    School looks nice though! why is there an Albanian flag and who is the bust of/


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