Drini i Bardhë Ujëvarë

Long day sight-seeing with my host parents. They asked me a few days ago, through Google Translate, to go on a “walk” with them. What resulted today was actually a full-day car ride from our village through the cities of Gjilan,  Prishtina and Istog as well as stops at a very interesting cave in Donje Gadimlje, lunch at what seemed to be a Kosovar Xanadu (Anija Restaurant), coffee at a similar establishment in Istog, and finally a walk through a very beautiful park in western Kosovo to our last stop, a waterfall created by the Drini i Bardhë. They are really sweet and were so excited to show me around Kosovo. Unfortunately I had to be the Eeyore of the group because they wanted to continue on to Peja and Prizren for dinner before returning home but I was not feeling great and asked to leave early. I have some accompanying party-pooper guilt.

I am very tired. Here are some bonus photos of the cave, the decadent restaurant where we ate lunch, and the mountains that stand between Kosovo and Montenegro.


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