Stormy mornings sometimes blow out and leave behind the clearest afternoons. I’m getting this post in right under the wire, huh? I woke up and got in a lovely run this morning (5.4 miles, Prishtina Half Marathon watch out!) and though I started it in fog by the time I got back to the house the sun was already verging on relentless. Another tough Albanian lesson all morning, then time for some much-needed R&R at Kamenicë’s own Shkodra Pishina (pool) & Restaurant. Some beers, some sun, some studying and quiet time.

And then! Up to Hotel Jehona, site of our HUB days. The waiters were probably wondering why in the world we would come up there for dinner when we’re there almost every other day. But you can’t beat this view while you chow down on some thoroughly decent pizza and celebrate the birthday of one of the nicest volunteers in our group, Val. The photo above shows said view, taken with my first ever attempt at using the Panorama setting on the iPhone. For best results, right click the photo and open in a new tab (WordPress cuts off some of it in the blog post format).

Afterwards we smoked some hookah at Kashmir, another laid-back local place in Kamenicë. I switched over from beer to espresso (at 9 PM) because that is one aspect of the Kosovar lifestyle that I have thoroughly and without hesitation embraced.

Tomorrow is my day off. I have a few things to do but mostly I want to take it real, real easy.

Bonus photo of the cow that walked me to school today:



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