It’s come to town and is currently residing in the playground of the Kamenicë primary school’s playground. It may be hard to see but the bunny hanging from the pole to the side of the swings is apparently so the kids riding can try to kick and/or grab it while the ride is in motion. At least this is what I heard.

From another angle:


Today is a bottomless day. I am crazy hungry. I ate a delightful döner kebab sandwich for lunch and got ice cream after our afternoon TEFL session, on top of all the other food my host family gives me. Which, for the record, normally looks like this:


I’ve started thinking of it as the Lili Market Special.

Luckily we’re going to Dobërçan, my host mother’s home village, for Iftar. I’m bound to be well-fed there.


2 thoughts on “Karnaval

    1. In the bags… croissant in a bag (chocolate flavor, although there are lots of varieties) and these snack things that are like cheese-puffs except instead of cheese they are covered in peanut dust. Very messy, very delicious!


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