Another day, another humblingly beautiful walk home. The wheat and corn have been coming in strong in the last week or so, and towards sunset the fields are truly golden.

Happy 4th of July! What a polar opposite this one was from my last, where I was working in an office full of British ex-pats and Vietnamese coworkers and there was no real celebration except for some bia hơi with my Hanoian doppelganger, Lenna, after classes. This 4th was spent in language class in the morning (our only one this week) and then lolling around Kamenicë with an entire cohort of fellow Americans. One more year and one more lifetime of change, it seems.

Some more moments from a lovely afternoon:


It’s a busy week. Tomorrow is Bajram, the end of the Ramadan fasting and a day of [according to my host father] visiting family and baklava. Elham says it’s their equivalent to Christmas so I had my host sister-in-law inspect my dresses and choose the best one for the holiday. She and Fatijma also picked out the dress I’ll be wearing to the wedding on the 27th. Then we practiced some Kosovar dances. It was a productive evening! Anyway, on Wednesday we’ll be visiting the PC offices in Prishtina, and on Thursday/Friday we’ll have conferences in Gjilan with our future Kosovar counterparts. Then all of the volunteers will [hopefully] be visiting our future permanent sites for a weekend-long visit! Whew. I’m getting sleepy just writing it all out. Time for bed.


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