I thought about using the word for gate in Shqip for this blog entry [portë], then I decided to use the word for entrance instead. Google Translate also brought up the word for exit [dalje]. And I thought a lot about my site placement and my very interesting, somewhat mixed weekend visit.

I saw these doors while walking around my site with the K1 volunteer who I will be replacing. Although I didn’t ask her, it seems as though doors these days are probably looking more like dalje than hyrje as she gets ready to leave the site she’s been fostering and developing for the past two years. But despite the hiccups in my visit and the struggles she’s had, I feel good about coming here. I looked around and I saw hyrje. I don’t think there are an easy 2 years in my future. But I think there are a good, rewarding 2 years in my future.

All I can see are entrances.


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