Nice to be back in Topanicë. Had a great dinner with my host family (scrambled eggs with zucchini, tomato hunks as well as a tomato/pepper/cucumber salad, oily roasted peppers, a little bit of pasta, and some bread as well). I probably ate more tonight than I have at any other dinner. Everything just was really good and I was very happy to be back with this family, hanging out. Afterwards we went out and walked around the gardens while my host mom taught me a few new words. Xhemail was busy watering the young shrubs.


Afterwards they wanted to go for a walk over to where some of the other volunteers live. I agreed because I was procrastinating on PC paperwork. We visited with one of the host families although my friend Michael wasn’t back from his site visit yet. Fatima took some zucchini back and Michael’s host mom served us some very delicious baklava.

I’m exhausted and this week has just begun.

But at least I finished all my PC homework. Well. At least enough I finished of it to justify going to bed.


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