Problem … Zgjidhja.

That thing where it’s another really long day full of TEFL sessions and only an hour and a half of language lessons and part of that is spent doing a pelmanism to a song which is a language-learning technique that you LOATHE and then during one of the afternoon sessions you decide to sit outside and a giant furry wasp buzzes around, harassing you, until it flies into a group member’s Coca Cola can so you overturn it to trap the wasp but then the little tab you use to open the can keeps it from resting flat so you place someone’s phone on top and the problem is solved.

Until the session is over and that someone must take her phone back and the angry, sugar-drunk wasp is released upon an unsuspecting crowd of Peace Corps Trainees.

Problem… Solution. Be it ever so temporary.

Peace Corps is all about being adaptable, right?


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