Seen on the back road between Kamenice and Topanicë. Today was actually a very helpful language lesson. All the language groups met at the big school in Kamenice and we got to choose if we wanted to be in the review group, the communicative group, or the grammar group. I pf course chose grammar because a) I love learning grammar and b) I’ve never learned a language with cases and having to conjugate nouns makes my head spin. So I really wanted the extra instruction. It ended up being immensely instructive; I feel like I’m on the verge of understanding the difference between the nominative, genitive, dative, accusative, and ablative cases! Just a few more decades of studies and it should be as natural as breathing.

In other news, I ran the farthest I have run since college, 6.4 miles! And I walked home from Kamenice. So all combined over 10 miles covered today. After the epic rainfall yesterday the weather was perfect and irresistible today.

Some other moments from a productive Saturday:


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