That thing where it’s Sunday and you’ve had an insane couple of weeks, with holidays (Albanian and American), tumultuous site visits, emotions running high from homesickness to group friendship dynamics to stress, and mid-training assessments in relation to Peace Corps standards and language abilities, and most of you went out and let off quite a bit of steam last night and some of you (perhaps the ones named Emily who came home and ate their way through their host family’s bread drawer) slept in until noon and then ate another loaf of bread and are feeling just a bit left of normal today.

And what you really need is to sit on a hill somewhere (preferably not on one of those thistle plants although they’re a sneaky bunch so you might accidentally) and maybe listen to some pop music and eat the chocolate truffles that Lin brought along and study some Albanian verbs and then talk about nonsense and listen to the chimes of the goat herd’s bells as they eat their way around you and watch the clouds roll by and think about everything and then about nothing.

And get back to work eventually. Tomorrow. Maybe tonight if you feel ambitious. But maybe not. As the saying goes,

Work is not a wolf, it’s not going away to the forest.

One more photo, courtesy of my friend Rachel (but I’m stealing it because it’s a great photo):



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