This morning’s run was beautiful and invigorating. Not my farthest or my fastest, but it really set me right after a couple days of feeling a little physically off (possibly a side effect of excessive bread consumption). Spotted these beautiful sunflowers while on one of my trails that goes along the river separating Topanicë from the highway and then veers back towards the village, through some of the fields.

Today was our first day of practicum and so my first pseudo-day of getting some teaching action in a Kosovar classroom. I say pseudo-day because a bunch of kids who willingly come to school in the middle of summer so potentially inexperienced Americans can attempt to teach them something do not necessarily constitute the typical Kosovar classroom. I don’t know. I’ll find out in just a couple of months. I thought it went well though; around 30 kids showed up for the grade 6-9 group that I was working with and most of them had a pretty good attitude.


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