Super Hero

Missing home today but day 3 of the co-teaching practicum going so well really helps. Today I was teaching all afternoon (because there are 3 people in my group and 3 days of practicum this week we all took a turn teaching all afternoon while the other 2 switched teacher for observer roles) and we worked on the modal verb “can” in the first session then after some scaffolding, created our own heroes in the second session. The creativity that came out of these kids was astounding but my favorite was our example hero we did as a class on the board, which they named and gave superpowers. Super Emily. It really made my day.

You can also see some remnants of old Shqip lessons still hanging on the walls.

Some other great examples of Topanicë’s finest creativity:



2 thoughts on “Super Hero

  1. Home sickness is the worst. Maybe try having a meal you had when you were a kid or treat yourself to a new item of clothing? You’re doing such amazing work. And your students obviously think so too…you CAN do this!

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