Well, the night finally came. I went to my first Kosovar wedding. It was… loud. And long. We didn’t get home until 2 AM which is why this post is going up late. Tomorrow is going to be a god-awful day. There was a lot of dancing, about an hour of people dancing before the bride and groom even arrived. A lot of it was the traditional dances, one of which I know and can handle and the others of which I find mystifying and cannot for the life of me get the hang of the steps for some reason. I kept accidentally stepping on the long skirt of this woman who I was dancing next to, who I’ve encountered before and who I think doesn’t like me for some reason… so that was fun. She looked ready to wring my neck. The food was okay. Not great. Balkans hotel food. Mostly this reminded me how much I don’t really care about weddings, especially when I don’t even know the people getting married. I’ll stick with the Vietnamese 1.5 hour long wedding, strange as it was, thanks.

I’m being cranky because my ears are ringing and I need to be up in a few hours. It was an interesting evening full of cultural norms I’ve not experienced before and it was really nice of my host family to invite me along for the experience.



2 thoughts on “Darsëm

    1. Yes, in the summertime at least it is because all the people from diaspora (who live/work/were born abroad, mostly in Switzerland and Germany, and who send money back to family in Kosovo) are only home for between 2 weeks to a month. So they cram in as many weddings as possible in that time!

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