House shoes are a thing in Eastern Europe. I learned this while living in Georgia and had it reinforced whenever I visited my co-teacher’s home in Hungary. It’s a thing in Asia too, although going barefoot as opposed to being handed a random pair of ill-fitting slippers is also acceptable. At least in Vietnam it was. But I like to come prepared with my own slippers that fit and are comfortable. I know this goes slightly against the communal spirit in which my family interchangeably wears their house shoes, but… I don’t care. These are my pantofla. There are some like them, but these ones are mine.

I’m very tired today. We finished our practicum on a high note; I taught the 3-5 babies one last time and we had a grand time learning the names of body parts. I believe the 6-9 kiddies got to play some Jeopardy. Then we had a mini-field day, gave out certificates, and took approximately 5.3 million photos.

Now it’s time to take off the pantofla and “shtrihem në shtrat” for a “gjumë i shkurtër”.


(lie in bed for a nap)


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