I was all set to write about some of my adventures today but then this showed up for dinner and all other plans were scrapped. I finally got some dang pita/byrek! I get so many different answers as to which one is which; I know flija because it is distinctively its own creature but it seems like pita and burek/byrek come in many shapes and sizes and may or may not be interchangeable. In any case, it reminded me quite a bit of the Georgian delicacy xatchapuri (ხაჭაპური), the go-to cheese/bread combo of my dreams. Although lobiani (ლობიანი)/khinkali (ხინკალი) were actually tied for my favorite Georgian food, cheesy bread was a very close second.

Anyway, this was delicious. Even as I felt my arteries clogging and contemplated how far I would need to run in order to guiltlessly integrate this into my diet, my heart lifted with the special joy that only comes with the correct alchemy of bread and cheese.

You can keep the ayran, though. It’s like salty, watery yogurt that you’re supposed to drink. Not my jam,


2 thoughts on “Pita

    1. I can see why people would really like it, especially with a meat-heavy meal! With greasy, cheesy bread it felt like a bit much though and I’m not the biggest fan of sour flavors, which I found it to be. I may try it again if I find somewhere that does a different twist on it…

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