Koha e Pasdarkës

Went for dinner at my host family’s relative’s house in Malishevë, a village outside of Gjilan. Not to be mistaken with Malishevë, a town in western Kosovo. It’s a pretty small country, was it really necessary to repeat names? Anyway. I ate way too much and was told I didn’t talk enough. A tall order when everyone is speaking at a natural pace in mostly in the dialect, with a ton of slang that I completely did not recognize. I may be feeling a little salty about that.

In any case, here’s round one of the after-dinner courses… in my experience, it almost goes like this: Russian tea (çaj ruse) and nuts/seeds/crackers/pretzels (or something salty), cake, and finally, fruit. It’s alright and I made it through all the courses last night only to discover there was a hidden final course of burned corn on the cob. Which sounds horrible but is delicious, unfortunately I was physically unable to eat any more by the time it appeared. Ah well, herën tjetër.


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