Today was the first week of school but I haven’t done a whole lot of teaching. I’ve visited a handful of classes and spent some amount of time trying to track down teachers and work out a schedule for myself. I did have one coteacher walk out of our lesson, with a roomful of first graders, about 15 minutes in because “he needed to pick up the books”. That was interesting. All I can say is thank God I’ve taught before and CO-taught before, because I thought ahead enough to bring my laptop to school pre-loaded with some simple TEFL songs/videos and I played a couple counting games with them. It went fine.

Teachers here, in general, seem to have a relaxed attitude towards scheduling which is fine except when you’re me and you want to develop a routine. I’m not sure how much I’m allowed to post pictures of my students online but once I start teaching I may post a photo now and then if we’re doing something interesting . Otherwise, there’s plenty else to look at in our school. Take, for example, this very interesting (and informative!) student poster hanging up in one of the hallways in the old building. (My school has two buildings, an older one and one that was just finished this past year. But we’ll get to that later, I’m sure.)

Shumimi apparently translates as “breeding” or “proliferation”, and probably a more accurate translation of the sense of the word is, like, “LIFE”. The little yellow boxes branching off from this broad topic are “Bimet [plants]”, “Njerezit [people]”, “Kafshet [animals]”, and “Shpendet [birds]”.


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