I love a good cognate, and piano is so often the same in other languages! Seen in the old building’s teacher room. Before you ask, mom– no, I didn’t play anything on it. I barely remember anything and I would need some sheet music before I could even try.

Today we finally got down to teaching, in most of our classes, which as great. My Tuesdays will be spent mostly hanging out with the 7th graders and for the most part they seem like a really enthusiastic and fun group of classes. Plus one lesson with this tiny class of 5th graders that is so small I think I’ll be able to have some real fun with them. Things went pretty smoothly except for the hour where my teacher disappeared to pick up all the English books for all of the 7th grades. But I waited for her in the teachers’ room and studied some Albanian verb conjugations and we continued on with our lessons once she was finished!


One thought on “Piano

  1. It’s been a long time since piano lessons, and I’d be really amazed if you remembered anything. Glad your classes are underway!


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