Vront (I Vrenjtur)

Although I had plans to post some more snapshots from around school this week, when I saw the sky this afternoon I couldn’t resist. In class over the summer, we learned “cloudy” as “me re (with cloud)” or “ka re (there is cloud)” but my host mother in Topanicë taught me a different word. Well actually she taught me the Gheg dialect version, “vront”, which I then had to write down and take to class and ask my teacher to tell me the standard/Tosk version, “i vrenjtur”, since often when you try to use any online resources like Google Translate for  things people say it’s too slangy and won’t bring up any translations. Anyway, I had my suspicions based on context but was not certain until the next day that she was telling me it was cloudy. So it goes with language learning in Kosovo.

The upside is I now know more ways to say it’s cloudy than I have opportunities to inform people of this meteorological phenomenon.


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