On Tuesday mornings I’m in the new building teaching 7th graders all morning (except for one 5th grade class). The building was just finished last spring. Its construction was at least partially funded by USAID. It’s a really beautiful building, with nice new tables/chairs/blackboards/sliding whiteboard panels/TV’s in every classroom. It’s great. There are a few downsides but they’re not huge. One of them is that the windows don’t have anything to cover them. Thankfully it’s cooled off enough that’s not too bad in the morning, and I only am in there for one afternoon a week. But apparently the students in my third period class decided it was already too hot and decided to take matters into their own hands. During class. For about 10 minutes of the 30ish minutes we had together.

Who, me? No, I wasn’t annoyed at all. Not one bit. Nope!


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