Kafe Moka

Most of the time I’m basically a coffee purist. Espresso (although here it gets pronounced “expresso”, cringe), black coffee hot or iced with maybe a packet of fake sugar but often just black, maybe a macchiato e vogel if I need something a little gentler.

But once in a while you’re living it up in Prishtine, celebrating a bunch of birthdays, and the next day you find yourself in need of something a bit more indulgent and decadent. So you go to an awfully New York-looking coffee place and order yourself a “dark chocolate cappuccino” which turns out to just be a cafe mocha, and it’s everything you could possibly want.

I’m going to write more about my visit to Tyrbe Lez (it was not as eventful as that video but it gives you some idea of what the place is) and some other interesting things I’ve found around my town during the rest of the week, promise! It’s just that today I had to return to Prishtine for… my temporary Kosovo ID card! Hurray! Officially temporarily residing in this country!


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