Xhelal Hajda Toni/Selajdin Mullabazi Mici

This monument sits in the center of my site’s main park. It’s a statue of Xhelal Hajda Toni (sorry that link’s in Albanian) and Selajdin Mullabazi Mici (who I could not find any wiki information on). They were both involved in the 1998 conflict; fighting for UÇK/KLA (Ushtria Çlirimtare e Kosovës/Kosovo Liberation Army). It’s hard, besides that one Wikipedia article which is not even in English, to find a lot of information on them. Particularly to find information I can be sure is unbiased.

Although UÇK memorials are an unavoidable part of looking at Kosovo I am going to avoid on commenting on their significance, appearance, or history. This is not the only one around my site or the country in general and I may post more photos of them here, and if I can find a Wikipedia article I’ll link it so that readers can inform themselves. As for me, I’m just looking.


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