Tyrbe Lez

Tyrbe is the Albanian transliteration of the Turkish “türbe“, which means tomb. It’s hard to find any information online about this specific tyrbe although it’s very significant to the people with whom I visited it. I would guess by the inscription over the door that it is the final resting place of Baba Ymer, who was probably an important local religious figure.

So it was a very interesting visit we took last Friday (what what belated blog posts) to this tomb high in the mountains above Prizren. We headed out in the late morning and after going through a series of rituals which I tried my best to document, a mighty picnic in the mountains was enjoyed. A few of us decided to start walking back along the long, water-damaged dirt road our mini-bus had precariously lurched along to get to the tomb. This turned into over an hour of breath-taking walking at which point someone from our party called us to tell us that the bus was broken. Though we were close to the entrance of a KFOR base, thankfully I avoided having to navigate the complications of that encounter because the engine finally turned over and the day was saved! We did meet some cute motorcyclists who pretended they were Italian and couldn’t understand us in the meantime, though. An interesting day for sure.


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