Seen at a really nice little crafts market in Prizren. They had lots of fabric, knitted/crocheted things, traditional clothes and jewelry which unfortunately I suspected was not made in Kosovo. These dolls were unsettling though. All dolls are unsettling. I hate dolls. I used to really, really love dolls because when I was little I had an amazing imagination and a doll could be anyone and be the agent of all my crazy ideas. I think I still have a really good imagination but now when I look at dolls all I see is the weirdly over-gendered toy industry raking in our cash. And I hate their blank faces. I am, to this day, haunted by the classic “Talky Tina” episode of The Twilight Zone, Living Doll. Shudder.

Not even their adorable, beautiful tiny jeleks can save these from being creepy.




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