Agim Çelaj

There’s not a ton of information about Agim Çelaj online, and what I found I could not be trust to be completely impartial as it was in Albanian and states he “fell a hero”. So that’s one opinion about him, one side of the story. I don’t know the other. Some basic biography: He was born in Peja in 1961 and he fought for the UÇK. He was known as “Komandant Coli”. He died in the Battle of Rahovec on July 19, 1998. That link, by the way, goes to the speech of Prime Minister/former UÇK member Hashim Thaçi while observing the 15th anniversary of the battle and celebrating the “martyrs” so it is NOT in any way impartial. Fair warning.

This street, his street, also happens to be one of the routes to my new home, and a very serious hill whose climbing should not be undertaken lightly. I think of this road as the “band-aid” route as most of the other routes cut this incline in half, with a level street full of occupants halfway up. But this one doesn’t stop for that road, and therefore is a longer, far more terrible climb but it’s like ripping the band-aid off… Once I get to the top I just have to walk along level street for a while to get to my house. Some days I’m up for it and some days I take the longer route on less steep, more plentiful streets.



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