That thing where you go to the local cafe you really like because half the time they play terrible techno music BUT the other half of the time they play power ballads from the 80’s and folk music and for about an hour it’s literally just you and the waitstaff which is probably awkward for them but who cares? And you know people in your small town don’t go to the cafe by themselves, especially not to work, so if everyone in the whole town hadn’t already identified you as an outsider just by looking at you this doesn’t help, but… They let you use the one outlet in the dining area for your computer and a macchiato (which they do the foam art on, nice touch) and a mineral water cost one euro and the waiter practices his English with you. It’s one of your places, you know?


3 thoughts on “Bosh

  1. Hi:)! In which city are you currently living? There are some lovely café’s in Prishtina you need to visit if you are there any time during your stay. Have a great day, with kind regards; Jehona (which means ‘Echo’)


    1. Hello! I’ve visited a couple nice cafes in Prishtina around Nene Tereza Blvd but if you have any recommendations I’m always happy to visit a new cafe!

      P.S. I read a couple of your poems, they’re lovely 🙂


      1. I love ‘Dit e Nat’ and ‘Lulu’s Coffee and Wine’. They’re both in the centre of Prishtina. ‘Dit e Nat’ has amazingly yummy food (less oil than usual; not the tipical albanian food!) and you’ll find friends there for sure. Kind staff, nice visitors. There are some other sweet café’s which are not in the centre, though: ‘Casa Rita’ for example. I wish you a great time there! And thank you a lot for your kind words :)!


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