There are much worse ways to spend an afternoon than reviewing adjectives with class after class of fifth graders. Fun would be a stretch but for a day with a very reluctant start, I feel somewhat accomplished.

Other recent accomplishments of late:

  • bought another pair of boots without heels that I can more realistically wear to class
  • made friends with the shopkeeper/owner there who speaks English and had coffee with her and her sisters who are all very nice, made vague plans to have coffee again some time in the future and visit her when she moves to Pristina
  • convinced my host mom to not drown my tomato/onion “salad” in oil
  • won over my host nieces with the magic of double french braids
  • followed the road I live on all the way to its end (in the direction I haven’t gone before) and realized that I live basically behind the ETC. which is an awesome supermarket… all this time I’ve been going the really long way round but it’s nice to know there’s a short cut
  • eating pasul
  • doing my own laundry again, huzzah!
  • got invited to coffee by another teacher at the school who speaks English
  • bought a trash can for my room because the bathroom doesn’t have one and it kind of freaks me out that the only one I can find is on the front porch?
  • got halfway through the blanket I’m working on for Norela
  • watched a TON of movies (is this an accomplishment or evidence of my avoidance? Whatever movies are always good and I’m putting this in the win column because I need to) and wrote some stuff about them here.
  • gunning through the latest season of Black Mirror which was excellent!

To be fair, I’ve had some failures also but those are less fun to share. For now I’ll end this on a positive note. It’s going to be a busy week, including a trip to Skopje for a flu shot, afterschool exam prep courses, a visit from a friend to my site, and this weekend… Halloween celebrations in cabins!


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