Ceremoni Përurimi

I’m in Skopje today, but I wrote this post ahead of time and scheduled it to post today. It’s kind of a throwback Wednesday, if you will, since I never got around to writing about our brand new, USAID-funded school’s inauguration last Monday. There were a lot of mildly interesting speeches (although barely audible over the cave-like room full of chatty Kosovar children and adults) and then some of the traditional dances which I’m always game for. Then as people were filing out the teachers threw on some tunes and did their own celebratory (Kosovar style) line dance while the young girls from one of the performances excitedly danced in the middle of their circle, as seen above. And then there was book cake. It was filled with bananas and not necessarily something I’d go out of my way to eat again but I finished it. Needs must, you know?

(Interesting side note: I’ve found myself saying that more often than usual lately so I looked up the etymology, it actually comes from the phrase “needs must when the devil drives”.)

A few more shots from the momentous afternoon:


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