Thur me Grep

My latest project, a winter hat. I’m actually also in the middle of making a baby blanket for little Norela but this took precedent both because it’s faster to turn out and because I’m FREEZING in the mornings on the walk to school. More winter wear accessories are needed.. winter is here!

Also seen: my neighbors came over for a visit (just as my poor host father was about to make his way to bed, unfortunately in Kosovo that is not a legitimate excuse for not staying up and entertaining your uninvited guests). They brought their daughter, one of my 7th grade students, who looked bored so I taught her to crochet. You can see her fairly janky and uneven chain and first single crochet stitches next to the hat. So proud! She did pretty well for her first time, and making the chain/first row is legitimately one of the hardest parts of any project.

Winter’s silver lining: the number of times per week that I am receiving pasul for dinner has increased dramatically and I could not be happier!


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