Paketa dhuratë (ii)

An epic care package from my parents, just in time for Thanksgiving! Goodies include: Christmas decorations, rocks (thanks Pops), toad paraphernalia (long story), measuring spoons, photos of home, a scarf, many warm winter socks, hot chcolate mix, Goldfish of varied flavors, SIX BOXES OF MAC AND CHEESE YES, chewable vitamins because my stomach is a delicate ecosystem, a bar of Jersey cow milk chocolate, my Spanish leather purse I couldn’t fit in my luggage, chocolate chai tea, poultry seasoning (?), a beer opener, highlighters/white board markers, origami paper, a Canadian birchwood postcard, and a battery-operated reading light (so I don’t have to get out of my warm bed at night to turn off the overhead light).

This year I am thankful to you guys!!


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