e kaluara

It’s not a particularly beautiful photo but I wanted to capture the Jashari phenomenon and besides, I don’t find Malisheva to be a particularly beautiful city so perhaps this inadvertently reflects my feelings on that location. Malisheva reminds me of a category of city I came up with what feels like a lifetime ago, back in Georgia, to describe the city of Kutaisi: a city for living, not visiting.

Anyway, Adem Jashari. I’ll be careful to stick to the completely unbiased facts since he is a much beloved figure in Kosovo. He helped to found the KLA. He was born in 1955 and died in 1998 along with 58 members of his family during the conflicts in Kosovo. He was posthumously given the “Hero of Kosovo” order. He is considered to be a hero by many. His name and image can be seen often, and prominently, wherever ethnic Albanians live in Kosovo.


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